Our vision

Good Shepherd Sarang Mission Association - "GSSMA". For the last mission of God, listen to the voice of the Lord. "Organize and work together everywhere." John 10:11. "I am a good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep". Raising shepherds, helping and caring is the goal of the mission. It is a mission that helps as many pastors and missionaries as possible. From the seminary to the preparation for the mission and ministry.

As an elder who is working for this mission, and devoting all of his heart and life to praying every waking moment to find God's time, in God's way. He eagerly awaits your prayers and participation.

Please be sure to read the enclosed bylaws and membership form, and become a good shepherd of God.

Soon we will be organizing an erection committee to review the draft bylaws and to pray for the founding general meeting.

Contact us at gssmaoffice@gmail.com

Contact Good Shepherd officer John at (416) 930-6081 or Susan at (647) 537-6081.

Good Shepherd Sarang Mission Assocation